Sunday, April 1, 2012

just in case

I've moved my blog!
I'm still writing and I'm still reading what you guys post. If at any point you decide to switch over as well, please follow me so I can follow you back and just read from there.

Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm moving my blog!

Hi small group of followers,
I've decided to set up shop on tumblr. This is where I'll be posting from now on. About a week ago, my email account was hacked and even though it's not the one I use for blogger, I became really paranoid and decided to just transfer any important stuff (i.e. my blog) to something fresh and new.
When I started this blog, I wanted it to be about food and how much I loved the different restaurants in Chicago but it very quickly became more about my adoption, my inability to choose a major in college, my rocky relationship with Ian, my horrible relationship with my mother, work, etc.
On Tumblr, I will still be doing that but I also just want to talk more about being fat. I feel like society puts this huge pressure on plus size women to lose weight and to hate yourself until you're as thin as a stick. Frankly, I will never be super thin and I really need to get a hold of myself and accept that. I don't enjoy food a lot of the time anymore and am just indifferent about eating in general because I'm unhappy about how I look and how people make me feel I should look.
Also -
I still don't have a job.
I got the stomach flu from Ian.
My birthday is tomorrow and I still feel...odd. Like something is still off.
I have pretty much no money.
Oh...WE'RE MOVING and we're really excited about it.
Please, please, please KEEP READING. I will still be keeping this account open so I can continue reading your blogs (yes, I do read your blogs. I just don't comment.)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Why I Hate My Birthday

I'm turning 25 on Saturday.
Over the years, my birthday has become more and more disappointing. This means that one of the following things happens:
-I have to do what everyone else wants to do - forget what I had planned or what I wanted to have planned. I have to do what someone else or a group of other people want to do instead because I don't want to be rude and exclaim "heyyyyyyy IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! LET'S DO THIS INSTEAD!"
-I have to be considerate of EVERYBODY ELSE on my birthday - Over the past few years, I have had to share a birthday with my friend Miguel. This year, I told myself "nope. no exceptions." Because last year I made sure I arranged my get together on a day that worked out specifically for Miguel. So on Saturday I will probably have to spend my birthday without Miguel because I chose to think of myself first this time. I'm not too broken up about this and I'm sure he isn't either.
-People don't follow directions when it comes to gift giving - In the past, I have given people very descriptive instructions on gift giving and my point still doesn't get made. I like presents. They're nice and all. But this year, on my birthday, I am unemployed! So I need gift cards and money for our move and for me to be able to buy groceries the next day! And you know...having many birthdays in my life, a lot of people don't listen. I don't NEED a new sweater...and I don't NEED a new towel. I NEED to have money or gift cards ready to buy ant traps (like last year) or cleaning supplies (like last year) or a mop or a tea kettle or cat litter. People don't listen. My mom is especially guilty of not following this rule...she always wastes money and buys me things that I don't want or need.
-There's usually always one person who breaks something/acts ridiculous - When I turned 21, my friends convinced me to have a party at my house in the basement. All of these random ass people came with a particular friend of mine and I let it slide because I was really glad he was there, but then things started getting a vase that my mother had had for years and years that I think my grandmother or even my great grandmother originally owned. Or a bottle of liquor that once belonged to my dad that he had behind the bar for a really long in ever since we moved into that house over 15 years ago.
-I always end up crying or feeling bad for something that I didn't do on purpose - There have been a few occasions when I have said things (that were not even inappropriate) and then people get on my back about it. can make racist jokes all day and night, but I can't make one comment about how you drank too much? Alright.
And finally...
-I never get the birthday cake that I want - I actually can't even remember the last time I got the cake that I wanted. Seriously. So this year, I'm turning 25 and my cake is being made by my mother...yet again. Nope. Let's forget about the fact that I asked both my mother and Ian several times to get me a cake from Jewel or some other grocery store. Just a regular old white sheet cake with my baby picture on it. I'm turning 25, let's do something different and funny by having my cake represent me as a small child or an infant. No. Nope. Can't happen. It is now the week of my birthday and my mom's baking a chocolate cake. The fact that something so small, LIKE A BIRTHDAY CAKE, can go wrong every. single. year. is extremely frustrating. I'm fairly certain that my mother has made my birthday cake almost every single year and to be honest, I don't like it. I just do it to make her happy.

I should also note that the closer I get to my birthday, horrible things start happening to me. I.E. - this year, I lost my job! Last year, I was getting yelled at every single week for the smallest, ridiculous things.

I feel like I just keep getting bigger and bigger signs that I do not belong here. Every year, I feel less and less significant to people or at least, less significant to the most important people/person in my life.
What a fucking joke..

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I really have not been as frustrated as I currently am about not having a job. Every time I think I have a lead on something, I end up completely crushed. "Oh you don't speak spanish? Then you're not qualified."
Seriously? Really? Give me a fucking break.
It's so frustrating. I've sent my resume out to so many people and I still have nothing. I hate not working and I hate that this has become so stressful for me.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


As much as I would love to be an adult and say that I have found it in my heart to forgive all of my ex boyfriends for the things they did, I can't.
And the truth (for me at least) is that, you can't be friends with your exes. It's weird.
Recently, one of my ex boyfriends added me on facebook and I let the friend invitation sit there for a day or so while I mulled over it. I thought to myself "having him as my friend is not going to improve my quality of life. we will probably never see each other even though he lives in rockford. also, there were a lot of things he did in our relationship that i don't think i'll ever understand"
Against my better judgement, I added him back. A few weeks went by when we would just comment on eachother's statuses and such. Eventually, the not knowing feeling came back to me and it was starting to eat away at me. I decided to send him a message one night, and I think it was after Ian and I had gotten into a small disagreement, and I asked my ex boyfriend what it was that I did wrong in our relationship and why he felt the need to do what he did.
To clarify, I was 18, 19 at the time when we met. It was long distance because he was living in Rockford with his mom and he wanted to go to school in Chicago at some point so that's why I thought it'd work out. In the mean time, he would visit me every other month and stay for a week or so. As a teenager, I was very guarded. This means, I had absolutely no interest in having sex or dating a number of guys. My mother had somehow convinced me that she stayed a virgin until she married my dad (yeah I fell for that) and I believed her. I believed in these values. Even after I found out my mom was a big liar lol, I still held onto the values of knowing that you love someone before you commit to something big like sleeping with them.
This caused problems in my relationship and caused similar problems in past relationships. Because I was inexperienced, I had absolutely no interest in having sex and thought it was irresponsible of me to be doing something like that at that age.
So with this guy from Rockford, he'd continuously try hooking up with other girls but would fail miserably because thank God, none of them fell for that whole "don't worry. my gf is totally okay with it." and because I'm 5'11" and I'm Asian, the girls would mostly respond with " I don't want her kicking my ass." There were a few occasions when girls would actually fall for his stories and I would end up contacting them or them me and it would usually end with "I thought he loved me. He said he was gonna leave you. He lied to me. blah blah blah"
Eventually, this all became too much for me. If you know anything about the person I am, then you know that I hate giving up on people. That's pretty obvious since I am still with Ian after all of this time and all of the arguments we've had. But with that relationship, I knew I was just looking like an idiot and couldn't deal with it anymore. I wrote him a break up letter, he had to go back to Rockford, I hugged him goodbye and that was the last time I saw him.
It's funny to me because I see that he has still not changed his ways AT ALL. He pretends that he's this really nice guy, who doesn't do anything wrong, and he flirts with all of these different girls while HE'S LIVING WITH HIS CURRENT GIRLFRIEND and she has no idea that this is going on.
Anyways, when I wrote to him asking what I did wrong he finally admitted that it was him who screwed up, that he was in a bad place (and he was) and that he was just childish looking for attention wherever he could find it.
Unfortunately, hearing that didn't really bring any closer for me. And because of what he did, I'm still terribly paranoid that Ian will one day leave me for someone else. While those doubts aren't as amplified as they used to be, they will always be there because of what the guys before him did. And even though I feel like, with time, I'm healing from my past relationships, I have to wonder if I'll ever fully recover and allow myself to truly be happy with Ian.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I still don't have a job. I counted and without adding the X amount of jobs I applied for through career builder, I have applied for almost 40 jobs in the past week. And still, NOTHING. How? HOW? So I decided that I'm going to start writing more cover letters. I REALLY hate cover letters because they're so time consuming but I feel that if I take my time to write one, it'll really make a difference to an employer especially if they don't ask for one.
I shouldn't be awake but I just kept tossing and turning. I feel completely useless because I still don't have a job. SO...since I signed up for volunteering with that literacy program, I'm going to start actually volunteering (JUAN, LET'S GO!). The program is really cool and it's kind of a way for me to get that teaching thing out of my system - I was going to be a teacher until I found out how little they get paid and then I was like "well...I need and" And it might sound really bad but I don't know how else to say this: I don't care enough to pursue this degree and then settle for a small salary and the possibility of losing my job every single year. My cousin is a teacher and she loves it. She's always loved kids. She's a great teacher and is wonderful with children. She's been teaching at the same school for more than five years now? and every year, they "fire" her during the summer/when school ends and then "re-hire" her. This happens to a lot of teachers she works with and she has been fortunate enough to get her job back every fall. I couldn't handle that kind of stress and I know it happens all over the place because our economy is shit.
So before I lost my job, I convinced Juan to come and sign up for this volunteer program with this place in Chicago called Open Books. Basically, you can read to kids, be a "buddy" where you are assigned to a child and you gotta get them excited about reading because they tested low or are not doing so great in their reading classes, you can help kids with their writing and you can also work with teenagers and help them work on their resumes. The program also has field trips where the kids come to the building and you get to work with the group and do poetry games and other fun stuff like that.
My main motivation for becoming a teacher was because of how important I felt and still feel literacy is. As a kid, I loved reading and writing...this is mostly because I always scored very high on my reading and writing state tests and I always did well in those subjects in school. It just came naturally to me. But I had a lot of friends who did not like reading, who wrote horribly and didn't care because my teachers didn't care. So I guess I can still make a difference by working with these kids through Open Books and all I can do is try to get them excited about reading and writing. Even if I were to just help a dozen or so kids, that's a dozen or so kids that demand that their parents have more books around the house and that's a dozen or so kids that score higher in reading and writing when they take standardized state tests. And maybe, MAYBEEEEEEEEEEEEEE those kids could tell their friends "hey I read this book. READ IT." like I do with my friends...all of the time...Seriously. I convinced Juan to read Valley of the Dolls, okay? Come on.
I'm definitely going to start devoting my time to this program because it's not paying work but it's something that could keep me busy in the mean time I guess.

Monday, February 6, 2012

I feel like there is a lot about my relationship with Ian that I'll never understand. And in the past few months, I've kind of reached my limit of what I don't understand about him and us.
I don't really know what is going to happen with moving since Ian still finds it so difficult to be as open with me as he is with his mother. It is beyond frustrating and this is one of the things that really makes me want to leave. He does not communicate with me properly and the more I read up about relationships, the more I see how communication or lack thereof is infamous for ruining relationships. I always tell him that he needs to talk to me more, that he needs to be more assertive not just in general but with me too. I'm bossy but if someone knows better than me, I don't mind being bossed around.
I feel that he thinks I'm this person that I'm really not, that I'm unapproachable, that I'm closed off from the world when it's really him who is closed off from everybody.
I think that I've done everything I can but I get nowhere because Ian never meets me half way. It's just another one of those days where I'm sitting at my desk, on the other side of the wall, quietly crying because I'm at a loss for words. I have said time and time again what needs to change, what he can do to change, what we have to do to help each other but he makes no effort. All he does is stress out about everything that's going on, the finances, his work, the move/not moving, the rent. And instead of voicing that to me, instead of sitting me down and saying "this is what you should spend on groceries" "this is half of the utilities" and "this is what you can spend on whatever you need" instead of saying "I'm really stressed out and I just need you to talk to me and calm me down"
I get silence. And I'm sitting here, I'M LITERALLY SITTING HERE GOING "what's wrong what's wrong what's wrong what's wrong what's wrong" OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. And at the end of it all, I just feel like smashing my head against the fucking wall because I'm doing everything I can just to get him to talk to me when I know that he just openly goes crying to his mother/complaining about what's happening.
I'm beyond frustrated by this entire situation. I don't know what the fuck we're doing here. I don't know if we're moving or WHAT. I keep having to be the hopeful and positive one saying "we're gonna be okay" "we're gonna be fine" "we'll make it" "it's gonna be tight but we'll get through the move" and he's just like "uh huh" "yeah" "we'll see" "okay"
This is one of those days where I wish I could just get in a fucking time machine and go back and stop myself from getting involved with Ian because I did not sign up for this shit. I did not sign up for him giving me the cold shoulder 80% of the time, being in a bad mood, being sad, being lethargic, being moody, AND NOT TELLING ME ANYTHING THAT'S GOING THROUGH HIS HEAD. It's okay to feel those things but when you make the fucking conscious effort NOT to talk to me about that shit, when we've been together for TWO AND A HALF YEARS THIS VERY DAY, then that's when I have to sit here and ask myself "WHY..................WHY AM I STILL FUCKING HERE WASTING MY TIME WITH THIS PERSON WHO DOESN'T TALK TO ME ABOUT ANYTHING AND MAKES ME FEEL LIKE AND MAKES ME OUT TO BE SUCH A FUCKING SHIT HEAD...WHY..."
going to my mother's house for the day so I can not sit here and continue crying at my desk. I'm just so sick to death of being the only person invested in this fucking relationship.
Grow up. Seriously.